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About the Practitioner

Joshua Zepeda LMT, CPT, MTI, ACBT, FRS.

Joshua enrolled at the Academy for Massage Therapy Training at the age of 16, and graduated at the top of his class with honors. From there he proceeded to work under multiple doctors while constantly taking continuing education courses in an effort to broaden his education and capacity to help his clients.

After years of working under other practitioners Joshua was inspired to open a clinic where the muscles where the focus. He saw the need for a place where people could come to have the muscular component of their problems thoroughly assessed and efficiently treated.

Mr. Zepeda has made a life long journey of understanding the musculofascial system to the fullest extent and learning the different ways it affects our pain, mobility, and various other aspects of our lives.  

In an effort to better understand the muscles and help his clients Joshua went on to become a Certified Personal Trainer, a Massage Therapy Instructor, a Certified Bodywork Professional, and a Foam Rolling Specialist. 

When he isn't working he is continuing his education, training in Mixed Martial Arts, or spending time with his beautiful wife.


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